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3. Galvanization

HECKEL-S-bocals are available without any plating but also ennobled, i. e. silver-plated, nickel-plated or gold-plated.

4. Lengths
All HECKEL-S-bocals can be obtained in the lengths between 00 and 4. Under normal circumstances, the S-bocal with the n° 1 should reach pitch 442.

5. Bends
Apart from the normal bend, all S-bocals are also offered as flat bend, particularly for musicians of large stature. Special bends can be manufactured according to the customer's wishes and according to his illustration.

The new S-bocal "generation XL"
This unique HECKEL-S-bocal has been designed especially for die response and resonance in the high registers. This bocal is a special piece with the bore type CC which is available in the lengths between 00 and 4 as well as with all platings.

S-bocal for the Heckelphon
The S-bocals for the Heckelphon are available as bore type C/CC and CD, in the lengths between 00 and 4 as well as in all metal and alloy versions.

S-bocal for contrabassoon
S-bocals for contrabassoons are available as C/CC, CD and V-type in all the above versions.

We hope that this short synopsis could serve as a guide for the musician for the acquisition of an S-bocal. Unfortunately, a generally applicable evaluation cannot be given here. In the end the decisive factor for the optimum sound and acoustics of an instrument is the musician himself as well as the tube used, the intonation and the playing technique. It can be assumed, that each and every instrument reacts individually on the different types of S-bocals. Therefore, we recommend you to use our service to order our assortment for selection without obligation or to test your S-bocal directly in our workshop, before you buy it. With great pleasure we are willing to assist you in the acquisition of your HECKEL-S-bocal.

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