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Within the broad range of HECKEL-S-bocals the musician can choose the suitable bocal for all requirements and occasions. The bocal-diapasons (C, B, BB and CE), with the corresponding varieties of lengths and diameters, which have been produced for many years by HECKEL, can nowadays fulfil nearly all the wishes concerning the intonation. In particular the complex of acoustic problems of the respective instrument, which cannot be directly adjusted by the means of a modification of the tone hole or the bore can be eliminated or minimised to a very large extent with a suitable HECKEL-S-bocal.

From the mere numerical point of view, the musician has the possibility to select between nearly 6000 different types of S-bocals.

The following theoretical explanations referring to the most commonly used types shall assist the musician in his decision-making process to find a suitable S-bocal.The criteria for the selection of the respective S-bocal should be the following:

1. The type of bore
2. The basic metal
3. The galvanization   4. The lentgh  5. The bend

1. Bore types
It can be differentiated between the bore types of normal plate thickness (types C, CE, B, BB) and thin plate thickness (types CD, CDE, BBD). S-bocals of the C-diapason are the most commonly used HECKEL-S-bocals since they adapt best to the conical form of the instrument. The B-bocal or the BB-bocal responds well, particularly in the high register, anyhow, its difficulties are mostly encountered in the medium register.

All bore types are also available as a "V"-version. V-bocals as well as E and XL-types are particularly suitable for the older HECKEL-instruments, for the adjustment of the medium register and a better response of the high register.