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My first Heckel
CREST, the model for pupils and students

The Heckel bassoons of the model series CREST, offered since 1998, represent a reasonable alternative for the Heckel bassoon, model 41i.

Since we use state-of-the-art production techniques and renounce on the costly single-piece production, we managed to create an inexpensive instrument, without renouncing on the famous Heckel-sound and the register fidelity which our customers are used to.

This is what makes the Crest bassoon especially adequate for pupils, students and hobby-bassoonists.

Like in the construction of all HECKEL-instruments, we use fine maple wood seasoned for a minimum of 12 years, equipped with the rings which are typical for Heckel instruments and lacquered with red varnish. The inner bore of the wing and the small bore of the double joint are lined with artificial rubber. All finger holes are equipped with protruding silver tubes.

Apart from the additional trills for E/F#, As/B, high-E and rubber rollers at C/D, C#/D#, C#/ closing lever at the wing, F/As/F# right small finger and B/E-E/F#-F#/G# at the double hole, the delivery comprises an original Heckel-"S"-bocal at your option as well as a rectangular case made of artificial leather.

Any eventual proposals for alterations cannot be considered because of the costs.