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The Heckel contrabassoon

The Heckel contrabassoon has a noble, sonorous and unmistakable sound. It is notated in C one octave lower than the bassoon.

Due to its wooden three-tube construction it is extremely compact and and can be played with the same finger technique as the bassoon.

Heckel contrabassoons usually comprise a range until sub-contra B and optionally until sub-contra-A.

Both types can be additionally equipped with removable bell joints to facilitate the use of a short C-bell joint for the simple orchestra use.

Due to its integrated tuning slide at the great "S" the tuning can be easily adjusted from 437,5 Hz until 442,5 Hz what represents a great advantage, in particular in the case of temperature variations during a concert.

The standard version of a Heckel contrabassoon comprises, apart from the E/F#-trill at the wing, one Es-trill n 19a, a second As-key for the right thumb and a second F#-key for the right small finger, rubber rollers for C#/D# and F/As as well as a newly developed water outlet at the great -"S" for a rapid and uncomplicated removal of condensation water.

Heckel contrabassoons are individual single-piece productions. With the great variety of additional mechanisms, each customer has the possibility to compose the adequate instrument for his requirements.

The individual wishes of the customer, his own ideas or improvements are observed whenever possible. This is what makes each Heckel contrabassoon an absolutely unique instrument.