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The Heckel bassoon, model 41i

The Heckel bassoon owes the fineness of its tones, its tone colour and register fidelity to the careful selection of the best resonant woods which are furnished with the inner bore and external form after a natural drying-process of more than 12 years.

The careful processing of the wood as well as the use of natural rubber for the protection of the inner bores from decay and alterations of the diapason reduce the risk of cracking or decay of the wooden parts and thus guarantee that the instrument can be played during decades.

The combination of modern metal alloys, new working techniques and the craftsmenship exercised for centuries contribute to the fact that the key fingering of a Heckel bassoon is a precise mechanism, which meets the highest expectations concerning ergonomic factors, smoothness and durability.

The standard version of a Heckel bassoon comprises, apart from the closing mechanism for the left and the right thumb, one high-D-key, trill for F#/G#, C#/D# and E/F# as well as rubber-rollers at C#, D#, F and As.

The strong silver plating of all metal parts which are additionally covered with a baking varnish helps reduce the corrosion of the mechanism and facilitates a rapid sliding from one key to the other.

Heckel bassoons are individual single-piece productions. With the great variety of additional mechanisms, each customer has the possibility to compose the adequate instrument for his requirements.

The individual wishes of the customer, his own ideas or improvements are observed whenever possible. This is what makes each Heckel bassoon an absolutely unique instrument.

Due to the continuous further advancement of out instruments and our efforts to meet the expectations of modern musicians concerning sound, quality and service, Heckel bassoons are being played by the best and most renowned artists of the world, who proudly call themselves Heckel-bassoonists.